WS_FTP Professional 2007.1 - Technical Preview Program

The Secure File Transfer product team has recently completed a pre-release version of our WS_FTP Professional 2007.1 product. The WS_FTP Pro client 2007.1 release includes all of the robust features of Pro 2007 plus Keyboard Interactive Authentication, a popular and robust, authentication mechanism. Other new features will be included in the final release of Pro 2007.1.

We're looking for users who have experience with FTP client products and are interested in collaborating with the development team to provide the best combination of features and user experience using the latest technologies.

If you enjoy working with new technologies despite a few rough edges and don't mind giving us some of your time and insight, sign up for the WS_FTP client 2007.1 Technical Preview Program below.

WS_FTP Professional 2007.1 Technical Preview Program Sign-Up